Rava Ladoo

Rava Ladoo

Rava Ladoo (Suji Ladoo)

Rava Ladoo is an Indian dessert made with semolina or rava /suji as called in India. It is normally with either fresh or dry coconut, ghee and other ingredients. Mostly made only during festive season, is quite famous during diwali.  What I have given below a quick receipe, so that you don’t have to wait till the festive season to make these amazing ladoos.


2 cups semolina (fine rava)
1 cup fresh grated coconut
1 cup water
1/2 tsp saffron strands (optional)
6-7 cardamom pods, grounded
15-20 cashews
15-20 raisins
1 1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup ghee


  • Mix together rava and fresh coconut. Cover and keep this mixture aside for about 2 -3 hours.
  • In a deep pan, add ghee. Once it melts, add the rava and coconut mixture. Keep the flame to medium or the rava will get burnt.
  • Keep stirring for about 20 minutes or you get a nice fragrance. But make sure the rava does not turn brown. You don’t want a brown rava ladoo.
  • Remove from flame and transfer to a plate.
  • Let it cool.
  • In another pan add the water and sugar. Cook till it reaches a one string consistency.
  • You can test by taking a drop of the syrup and try pulling it apart. The syrup will strech to a single string.
  • Once you attain this consistency, switch off the gas.
  • Now add the cashews, raisins, saffron threads and the semolina mixture.
  • Cover and mixture aside for around half an hour.
  • When the mixture is warm enough too handle, start making the ladoos.
  • Take some mixture and start rolling between your palms to make round ladoos.
  • You can store this in an air tight container for about 10 days.

Tip: If the mixture gets too dry add few spoon of milk into the final mixture.
It is best to use the exact quantity of ghee to avoid the dryness.
If you use milk you cannot store the ladoos for longer period.

Enjoy!! Do send your comments!!


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